ISACA Curacao Conference 2018 theme was: Mastering digital transformation “Building a robust future” and I had the honor to present the keynote just after the opening of the second day. It was a very well-organized event that had great talks a good atmosphere and very nice networking opportunities.

The keynote I presented gave an overview of IT via ICT towards Business Technology (BT) and the aspects of the third platform. I’ve made use of some great videos to show the power and possibilities right now. Not future visions, impressive stuff that is actually working right now. It shows the era of the innovation BOOM we entered after building the SMACT stack.

In Digital Transformation it is all about building your own vision an effectively executing it. The keynote also brings some nice insights to the aspects of why to take your journey and what others are investing in.

The presentation is available for download and view: UC-Digital Transformation People ISACA 2018

If you have any questions regarding the story, the slides or anything else: don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a response below.

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Creative business technology management consultant with a major drive and passion for people value. Innovator with broad business and technology knowledge based on over twenty years of experience in IT and more than fifteen years of management. Known for explaining complex things in clear, understandable visuals and language for both business and technical oriented professionals. Extensive experience with workshops, presentations as well as training and coaching colleagues. Highly motivated, reliable, pro-active and always willing to listen and learn.


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