People want to be good if it is easy. So, to be successful clarity is key to make things easy. By creating a playbook of rules and guidelines I make sure that the modus operandi is highly transparent. I start with the strategy and link the policy on the strategy then clarify the policy by adding the reason behind the guideline. This rationale helps adoption of the policies and is a reminder that if this is no longer true, the policies should be reviewed and adapted as well. This way I make sure that it is understood why we as a businees do things the way we described, and this will most certainly help people to play by the book, so to say.

Another part of governance is the ownership of data, services and interaction. With a clear model of who is responsible for what part of the operation I streamline communication around issues and requests. Thus, providing an easier way of defining service agreements and eliminating delay of fixing issues that have big business impact. By creating a living document, I make sure that the governance model stays up to date and is always aligned with current opportunities and threats.


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