To put your Mission and Vision into concrete action, your Strategy will become your playbook for execution. However, stating what to do in a strategy, only tells half the story. The aspect I see lacking often in strategy, and other more executional plans, is to forget to note what we will not do. Strategy is not only planning what we do, it is also noting explicitly what we will not do. Yet. And why. This makes your strategy even more clear and helps preventing unnecessary discussions.

I am even more concrete and link your Business Technology Strategy directly to your Mission and Vision and make sure to add reasoning behind it with a rationale. I make use of effect mapping to align the various components and tie business and technology together as one.

By using the effect mapping, creating tracks and visualizing it as a horizon planning I deliver clear strategy that is aligned, actionable and manageable as a program. This ensures doing the right things right.


Looking forward to having a great discussion around your specific situation and your challenges. Let’s connect, discuss your specific situation and challenge and see what I can do for your business.