With over 20 years of experience in applying technology to improve business, I provide a wide range of Business Technology Services to move your business forward.

I use clear language and examples to truly assist in understanding technology opportunities for both your current and new business.

I deliver the innovation funnel approach to align with your strategy and market opportunities to impact your business.

By using the effect mapping, creating tracks and visualizing it as a horizon planning I deliver clear strategy that is aligned, actionable and manageable.

By adding the overarching ontology -reason for being- I create clear understanding in easy to reproduce words why you are adding this service or digital asset to your business.

From business to integration I deliver the plug and play architecture that is fit for the challenges today and will lead to even more opportunities tomorrow.

By creating a living document, I make sure that the governance model is and stays up to date and aligned with current and new opportunities and threats.

By being involved in the technical discussions and acting as the catalyst for continues improvement I am the partner of both the business and technology. 

By taking the user perspective and looking through their eyes at the task they have to deliver, I work my back to technology and keep them involved in shaping the solution.

By creating an open and trusted atmosphere in all dialogs along the program I make broad impact, even beyond the office floor.

With my extensive experience of Consultancy, Innovation and Strategy I face and tackle the toughest challenges for your organization: adapting to the profound change. By creating Architecture, Policies and Governance I embed the change in the organization. 

This is not a matter of luck, it is by Design. Project Management and Coaching makes sure I stay on track, keep booking progress on all facets of the value triangle of People, Process and Technology.

From people perspective I work my way back to the technology, which is the only valuable and meaningful direction to take if you want to reap the benefits of your investments with adoption. Adaption and Adoption are key.


Looking forward to having a great discussion around your specific situation and your challenges. Let’s connect, discuss your specific situation and challenge and see what I can do for your business.