People make the difference, not technology by itself. We must however understand technology and understand it’s impact and possibilities. The best experiences I have had, were with youngsters that have not been affected by the ‘we tried that, and it didn’t work’ dogmatic mindset. Typically, fresh people bring a lot of energy and new capabilities wit opportunities to really grow as an organization in the digital world. I make sure they have clear focus and direction to put the energy in full effect.

To have a clear goal in mind and a framework of tooling like training, mentoring and coaching I release the potential step by step. This starts with the drive of people and the desire to grow. It is important for me that participants have this drive, as we can teach them almost everything but being driven and motivated…? Participants improve their technical skills side by side with their personal skills and competences. By creating an open and trusted atmosphere in all dialogs along the program I tend to make much broader impact than just on the office floor. It’s personal growth that is benefitial to both the business and the participant.


Looking forward to having a great discussion around your specific situation and your challenges. Let’s connect, discuss your specific situation and challenge and see what I can do for your business.