With a serious background in technology development and extensive experience in business, I am on the edge of the fusion of business and technology. With a track record in small and large businesses I have proven to deliver business technology insights and make sure they stick and keep pushing for action to move forward.

It is hardly possible to run a business these days without the use of modern technology. Clients expect the best service over the most modern channels. Employees need to be fitted with the best tools to serve their customers and partners provide most value when they are fully engaged in the loop. By taking the outside view and usage of marketing tools like Persona’s and Scenario’s I matchmake the ever-pushing demand of people with the new and exciting opportunities in modern technology development.

Even though consultancy is a broad and sometimes very vague term, I tend to use clear language and many examples to truly assist in understanding technology opportunities for current and new business. This deep understanding of the fusion of business and technology pushes you and your business forward to continue your success over the coming years.


Looking forward to having a great discussion around your specific situation and your challenges. Let’s connect, discuss your specific situation and challenge and see what I can do for your business.