What design is for people, architecture is for systems. It needs to be clear to be understood by both people and systems. Architecture is back-end design, as I state it, and there are so many flavors: Infrastructure, Enterprise, Reference, Integration, Frontend, … It is very important to make sure the set you use are all aligned and pinned on the same business goals and strategic choices. Therefore, I create a strategic  linked architecture to tie the technical components to the business direction and strategy.

Business is technology, and as such we create one direction from business vision, mission and strategy to the logical choices in standardization in architecture from the bottom to the top. From business architecture to enterprise architecture using proven patterns as reference with modern views on separation of concerns and multi (BI) speed IT principles. This delivers the plug and play landscape that is fit for the challenges today and will lead to more opportunities tomorrow.


Looking forward to having a great discussion around your specific situation and your challenges. Let’s connect, discuss your specific situation and challenge and see what I can do for your business.